Use this list of frequently asked questions to better understand the Marine Team and how to participate. If you have additional questions, let us know, and we’ll add it to the list!

Am I allowed to join the marine team?

Any OSU students, faculty or staff or community members interested in marine studies are welcome to participate in any form. Active or past members have represented the Fisheries and Wildlife, Integrated Biology, Environmental Sciences, Oceanography departments, and we welcome all departments, majors, or interested party.

Can I join as a Freshman?

Yes! You can get involved at any time!

What is the time commitment for participating?

Each project will have different needs and you should discuss this frankly with project leads as you volunteer. Some projects will not have a minimum requirement and you can join a single sampling event. The same project might have advanced opportunities for those able to commit for a period of time.

What are the different project categories?

There are three main types of projects:

  1. Research directly supported by the Marine Team
  2. Research directly promoted by the Marine Team
  3. Research advertised by the Marine Team

See the Current Opportunities pages for details.

What types of projects does the Marine Team directly support?

During the summer of 2019, the Marine Team will be supporting sampling trips related to crab research in Yaquina Bay. There are some opportunities for project leadership and participation as this project develops. Announcements will be send via the Marine Team Listserv. Contact Scarlett Arbuckle directly to be added to the listserv.

In the past, the Marine Team has partnered on everything from biodiversity studies to water quality. While generally only one project is directly supported at a time, a diverse array of research projects are promoted by the Marine Team and supported by OSU research faculty and graduate students. Additionally, the Marine Team will advertise any appropriate marine related field or research experience opportunities it receives from external partners such as HMSC, The Coastal Society, REEF, or ODFW.

What skill level do I need to start?

Most projects will provide any necessary training, but advanced opportunities may be available for someone who has already mastered specifically valuable skills.

What is the marine team?

Check out the About the Marine Team pages for more information on who we are and what we do.

When is the next meeting?

Typically, the Marine Team meets regularly in the Spring term on Wednesdays from Noon to 1pm in Nash 032. Watch for announcements through the listserve for information on sampling events or other opportunities. Contact Scarlett Arbuckle directly to be added to the listserv.

How do I join the marine team? Does it cost money to be a member?

The Marine Team is not an OSU club associated with the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI). You do not need to pay a fee to be a member – simply join our listserv and find a project that interests you or join us at a meeting or seminar.